Under pulsated and PLC controlled IMT Jigs are offered for various gravity seperation plants.

The intermittent supply and exhaust of Jigging Air into the Air Chamber beneath the Jigging Bed is controlled electro – pneumatically through a Piston Valve System. The frequency of air intake and exhaust Piston Type Air Valve can be controlled through PLC Programme based on the characteristics of Raw Coal and Mineral Ore.

As the feed advances along with the Jig Pulsation of water, it gets stratified in Density Layers. The heavy fraction of the stratified feed material is sensed by Hydrodynamically designed Float Sensors, which operate in tandem with Ultra-sonic Sensors, and senses the heights of the bed of stratified heavy feed layers at particular cut density. The heavy stratified fractions sensed by the Float Sensors are discharged through electro-hydraulically controlled Discharge Gate System.

The IMT Coal Jig provides three options for heavy settled material discharge – Rotary Valve System, Hydralic operated Discharge Gate System & Dewatering Bucket Elevator.

0.5 meters wide to 5.0 meters wide jigs

IMT under pulsated jigs sizes ranges from 0.5 meters to 5.0 meters wide with 2 products and 3 product designs. Amost all jigs supplied are with Alumina Tile Lined Jigs to ensure long life.

Combo jig designs available to process two different kinds of feed material in a same jig at the same time.

Successful installations are in Iron Ore, Manganees, Barytes and Coal.

IMT Baby Jigs

IMT Baby Jigs are of modular design catering to 50-100 tons of capacities and includes complete plant with accessories mounted on steel structures that can be installed on the customer’s civil footings.
Small footprints, very short gestation periods and big savings in the investments are the notable features of the design.

IMT Integrated Jigging Plants

IMT porfolio includs offering integrated jigging plants with all accessories and axillaries from recieving hopper to discharge conveyors and water recycling system with sludge disposal equipments.
This will ensure single point responsibility from process engineering to detailed engineering of the plant and installation and comissioning within the scheduled time frames.

IMT Dynamic Test Unit

Test works carried out with dynamic test unit to assist the amenability for jigging and the unit stimulates plant size jigging unit controls in a batch process.
The actual performance of the plant built based on the dynamic tests or always better than the batch process test report and thus using a dynamic test unit gives very accurate results.