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Sharing the Experience

The desire of bridging the gap in the Indian Mineral industry – in terms of technological know how – for the indigenous manufacture of mineral and coal processing equipment and the need to ensure a steady supply of world class equipment for this sector, are the key motivators in the establishment of Ingwenya Mineral Tech in 2008.

Powered by strategic partnerships with international associates who bring a wealth of expertise in the realm of Coal Washeries and related equipment, Ingwenya Mineral Tech has established a ninch market for itself by indegenising  the technologies and passing on the benefit of low cost and high tech to the customers.

The technologies developed includes cost effective Baby Jig Systems to combo jigs and largest jigging systems, high tonnage vibratory screens to large size high rate thickeners and cable lift torque thickeners etc.

Strong domain knowledge, stringent adherence to industry standards, strict quality compliance and unflinching commitment to customer delight constitute the fundamentals of everything we do at Ingwenya Mineral Tech.

Succesess & Failures

IMT successes are many and  they speaks for themselves. But our strength is about our failures and the way we address them taking our customers in  to confidence and thus win over the customers for the life time.

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