IMT High Rate Thickeners

IMT offers high rate thickeners to the Mineral & Coal processing industries for water recovery and thickining applications. The applications vary from thickeneing the product or the tailings to recovering the water in the Blast furnce dust neutralisation systems to waste water plants. the sizes of thickeners offered range from pilot plant thickener of  1.0 m dia to 100 m dia  with full bridge designs up to 45m dia and column mounted designs beyond 45 m  diameter

IMT Bolted Design Thickeners

Thickener tanks are either of steel construction or RCC and latest design development has optimize the cost of the steel tank that most of the client nowadays prefers steel tank.

IMT has developed bolted construction design upto 14.0 meter diameter which helps reducing the construction time at sight apart from improving the safety standards.

Design Aspects

IMT carries out Finite Element Analysis for all steel tank designs so that the designs are optimized and most suited for the duty conditions. For the RCC tanks IMT extends supports by providing civil construction drawings on chargeable basis.

IMT Thickener Drives

IMT offers hydraulic drives with planetary gear boxes as a standard design with local control panels providing audio visual alarm systems for torque loads, rake mechanism lift position and high torque trip arrangements.

Mechanical drives with load cell arrangments for torque controll system are offered for applications where customer does not prefer hydraulic drives.

IMT Cable Torque

IMT offers cable torque lift thickeners for light duty applications like blast furnace dust slurry and coal tailings where solids are very light and a simple move-over rake arrangements shall suffice for smooth operations.