IMT Pressure filters :

Indigenously designed and built  Fully automatic and semi -automatic pressure filters  are available starting from filter plates size of 800 mm x 800 mm to 1800 mm x 1800 mm offering filtration areas ranging 30 m2 to 384  m2. designs include poly propylene filter plates with pressure rating exceeding 10 Bar. Membrane filter plate design are offered where the moisture content of the discharge cake are critical.

Applications include Mineral and coal concentrates & tailings filtration and chemical sludge filtrations.

Fully Automatic dosing systems :

PLC controlled fully automatic chemical  dosing systems manufactured in Stainless steel to Plastic tank design are available. The systems are designed in such a way that only loading the storage hopper with the dry powder flocculent is required. The system on its own draws the pre-determined quantity of flocculent and water, mix them in to homogenous solution, transfer to dosing tank and ensure that at least two hours of dosage liquid flocculent is made available at all time for continuous and accurate dosing.

Products offered with Strategic alliances with international companies

Flotation Cells from Maxflot Ltd, Mauritius and strategic relationship.

Duel extraction column flotation cell :

A revolutionary concept of combining Rougher /scavenger or Rougher/ cleaner cells in single unit for maximum extraction of coal and minerals developed by an American company and successful installations include  in industries like Coal, Phosphates, Iron Ore and Beach sand.

Bubble generation through specially designed infusers using water and low pressure air to ensure uniform bubbles for flotation of particles of size ranging from 10 microns to 1200 microns.

The design and the patent are now owned by Maxflot Ltd, Mauritius and IMT has strategic relationship with this company to offer to its customers.

Vacuum and gravitational filtration systems from WesTech Process Equipment India Pvt. Ltd.

IMT has entered in to strategic alliance with WesTech Process Equipment India Pvt Ltd for developing the markets for Horizontal Belt Filters, indexing filters and Trash Screens (  Gravitational Separation Screens) . With WesTech group global combined experience of more than 50 years in filtration systems, the equipment offered meets International Standards in design engineering, manufacturing and services.

The Horizontal Belt Filters:

The Horizontal Belt Filters available for Chemical, Mineral and coal applications range from pilot plant of 1 m2 to 150 m2 filtration area with M.O.C ranging from Carbon steel to stainless  steel  to Plastic and rubber lined construction.

Indexing filters are offered for low volumn and low solids applications and are generally suitable for chemical industry.

The gravitational trash screen:

The gravitational trash screen are available with filtration area of 0.5 mto 30 m2 and mainly used as scalping screens before Wet high intensity Magnetic separators, flotation units, Thickeners for  wood chips removal in gold leaching plants etc.

Magnetic Seperators from Malvern Engineering Works (Pty) Ltd, South Africa

Malvern engineering works(Pty)Ltd, licenses on case to case basis, IMT to manufacture the Low Intensity and Medium Intensity Magnetic Separators in India for Indian market.

Low Intensity and Medium Intensity Magnetic drum separators :

IMT is licensed by Malvern Engineering to manufacture Magnetic Separators on a case by case basis low and medium intensity Magnetic separators so that the best of the technologies are issued to our customers adopting the international standards in manufacturing.

Designs available include both Maltipole and Interpole magnets configuration and Gauss strength varying from 1700 to 6000 Gauss.

Dry Magnetic Separators :

MEW offers Dry Magnetic Seperators for applications where seperation has to take place in dry form. IMT is licensed by Malvern Engineering to manufacture Dry Magnetic Separators on a case by case basis in India for indian market. The capacities offered varies from 10 tons to 50 tons per hours.


for Overseas project requirement, please contact Malvern Engineering Works(Pty) Ltd, RSA at